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How dare you?

This morning, we joined the residents of the Myatts Field North estate on their protest march from the estate to Lambeth Town Hall.

Spikeful and dangerous

The saga of the spikes outside 171 Abbey Street continues.

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  • Guest - Jules

    As a new resident of Abbey St (not these flats) I'm more concerned about the actions of their tenants rather than skateboarders (of which I have seen none). They had a massive roof party a few weeks ago with music booming out across the whole area for over 8 hours!
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You sound just like the Tories

National Coalition for Independent Action have published their July 2014 newsletter.

No to PFI

This Friday, residents at the Myatt's Field North estate in Lambeth will be protesting against PFI.

Never too ill to be evicted

Housing activists in Lambeth are pleading with the council to not evict seriously ill tenants.

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  • Guest - Suzie Robertson

    Actually Steve collapsed in April last year, not this year. Today he's been moved to Trinity Hospice.
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Guinness Trust twitter storm

Housing activists in Lambeth are asking you to support the Guinness Trust residents tomorrow and take part in a 'twitter storm' action.

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