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March for the besieged Aylesbury

Yesterday, some 300 Southwark residents and housing campaigners marched against the demolition of the Aylesbury Estate.

Paupers Door

Class war activists have protested against the demeaning treatment of one door for the council tenants and another for the rich. 
Tonight class war came back again  to the protest at One Commercial Street which continues to use a segregation of poor door and rich entrance for the clientele using the buliding.

More representative than thou

The issue of who represented who was raised the moment the occupiers first reclaimed the Chartridge Block, back in January this year.

Homes for who?

In spite of the growing, unrefutable evidence, local politicians continue to regurgitate the party-approved housing myths to anyone who'd listen.

Assemblies for democracy

Three Assemblies for Democracy are to take place in London, Manchester and Glasgow over the next four weeks.

Never settle for the crumbs of freedom

It is just over a year ago that people of Bosnia & Herzegovina took to the streets in a massive protest against the corrupt, dysfunctional system destroying their lives; their struggles and solutions are highly relevant for what is happening right here too.

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