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Aylesbury and beyond

Council finally agreed to release the figures for the numbers of Aylesbury residents who have been decanted from their homes to date.

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Aylesbury AAP: NHHT Adaptation

Notting Hill Housing Trust's (NHHT) presentation of the proposed master plan - possibly

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How dare you?

This morning, we joined the residents of the Myatts Field North estate on their protest march from the estate to Lambeth Town Hall.

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Spikeful and dangerous

The saga of the spikes outside 171 Abbey Street continues.

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  • Guest - Jules

    As a new resident of Abbey St (not these flats) I'm more concerned about the actions of their tenants rather than skateboarders (of which I have seen none). They had a massive roof party a few weeks ago with music booming out across the whole area for over 8 hours!
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You sound just like the Tories

National Coalition for Independent Action have published their July 2014 newsletter.

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No to PFI

This Friday, residents at the Myatt's Field North estate in Lambeth will be protesting against PFI.

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