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Come read with us: week 2

Our online reading group discussions continue.

London won't be cleansed

Yesterday, Professor Loretta Lees and Dr Hannah White hosted a conference called 'Can we afford to lose council housing?'

College ward by-election hustings

A hustings event with candidates for the College Ward by-elections is to take place on Tuesday 3rd May 2016.

Londoners unwelcome property professionals

Last night, a small but noisy group of Londoners made sure the 'property professionals' attending the awards ceremony were as unwelcome as possible.

Newington ward hustings

A hustings event for the Newington ward by-elections is to take place on Thursday 28th April, from 18:30.

Shuffling back to Brixton roots

Campaign to reinstate Michelle Baharier, CoolTan Arts CEO, are inviting people to walk with them on 30th April 2016, from Walworth back to Brixton, where Cooltan Arts was born 25 years ago.

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