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How not to listen, Southwark style (part 985)

Southwark's Planning Department under scrutiny. Again.

Southwark housing campaigns and activists support the occupation on the Aylesbury Estate

Numerous Southwark housing campaigns and other local activists warmly welcome the ongoing occupation of a number of empty homes on the Aylesbury Estate. The current occupation of Chartridge block on the Aylesbury Estate has brought a much-needed spark of inspiration to local residents and housing campaigners.

Damage to property is, like, bad

Council staff or contractors, accompanied by the police, are destroying empty homes on the Aylesbury as we type this.

Burgess Park consultation and events

Latest update from the Friends of Burgess Park include start of council's phase 2 of consultations and a number of other events which may be of interest.

Block the budget

Radical Housing Network is planning a week of actions between 14th and 23rd February 2015.

Dragon Cafe to celebrate its 100th day

Dragon Cafe will be celebrating its 100th day on Monday 9th February 2015, from 12:00 noon.

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