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Never too ill to be evicted

Housing activists in Lambeth are pleading with the council to not evict seriously ill tenants.

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  • Guest - Suzie Robertson

    Actually it's been over a year - Steve collapsed in April of last year. He's been moved to Trinity Hospice today.
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  • Guest - Suzie Robertson

    Actually it's been over a year - Steve collapsed in April 2013. Today he was moved to Trinity Hospice.
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  • Guest - Suzie Robertson

    Actually Steve collapsed in April last year, not this year. Today he's been moved to Trinity Hospice.
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Guinness Trust twitter storm

Housing activists in Lambeth are asking you to support the Guinness Trust residents tomorrow and take part in a 'twitter storm' action.

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More anti-homeless spikes go up in Southwark

Yesterday, more anti-homeless spikes were installed outside a Southwark building.

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Another day, another victim

Southwark Council continues to punish those who least deserve it.

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The rip-off continues

Yesterday, we joined Southwark Notes for another regeneration rip-off walk around Elephant and Castle.

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The Draper House bullies

Three years and many emails, phonecalls and letters later, a Draper House resident gets an apology.

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