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The future of voluntary services reports

National Coalition for Independent Action (NCIA) have started releasing first of the 16 major reports of its Inquiry into the Future of Voluntary Services.

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Save the ILF

Report from the temporary DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts) occupation of Westminster Abbey which took place on Saturday 28th June 2014.

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Octavia House development decision

Today, Tuesday 1st July, the council's planning committee is to take a decision on the Octavia House and Valentine Place developments.

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Million people to go on strike on 10th July

After last week’s 50,000 strong demonstration against austerity, a million people will be on strike across Britain on 10th July.

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Unnatural selections

For a while now, we argued that freedom of movement and privacy are an exclusive privilege of those private bodies who can afford it.

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Peckham Job Centre shame on you

Yesterday, Southwark residents were again outside the Peckham Job Centre, protesting against the horrendous benefit sanctions this particular Job Centre continues to brutally apply.

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