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Faraday ward by-election in January 2016

Faraday Ward by-election is to take place on 21st January 2016, following a scandalous 'resignation' of Cllr Dan Garfield, found guilty of beating his wife.

Kill the housing bill

Londoners protested outside the Parliament yesterday, as the government was to vote on the Housing and Planning Bill. Philip Robinson reports.

Democracy, the Southwark way

Southwark makes it into the Rotten Boroughs. Again.

Work isn't working

Mental Health Resistance Network protest outside the Thamesreach 'Employment Academy' in Camberwell.

Democracy sympathisers

What does yet another war mean for 'democracy'?

Is there any other kind?

Regeneration comes to theatre as 49 Tanner Street hosts a reading of 'Skyline'. 

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