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Southwark for justice

Yesterday, Blackfriars Advice Centre and Cambridge House Law Centre protested against the cuts to legal aid.

I'm for justice, are you?

Tomorrow, Justice Alliance are inviting you to join them in the Magna Carta Day protest against cuts to legal aid.

Making noise about the sanctions

On Friday 13th, local groups and residents protested against the Peckham Job Centre's relentless sanctioning of people on benefits.

Revolutions and their children

Earlier this week, People's Republic of Southwark was on the panel of 'Children of the Revolution', one of the events at the London International Festival of Theatre.

Naming and shaming

Those of us who still, defiantly, live around Elephant and Castle, are being invited to do some naming (and/or shaming).

Lessons learnt

The human cost for every single person on the receving end of 'regeneration' is not the narrative the regenerators like to talk about in public, certainly not in the media.

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