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Peckham Job Centre shame on you

Yesterday, Southwark residents were again outside the Peckham Job Centre, protesting against the horrendous benefit sanctions this particular Job Centre continues to brutally apply.

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Overviewing the situation

The first Overview and Scrutiny Committee under the new/old administration is to take place tonight at council's offices in Tooley Street.

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We don't want to evict you

Is it acceptable that the 'practice' of local councils when it comes to caring for their residents is so removed from the 'theory'?

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SolidariTea launches this Monday

The long-awaited SolidariTEA is to open its doors this Monday, 30th June, from 2pm.

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Are Londoners better off renting, buying our own home or living in a council flat?

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Cheaper than Merlot

Yesterday, we joined the Ritzy cinema staff as they went on another day of strike demanding the Living Wage.

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