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Work isn't working

Mental Health Resistance Network protest outside the Thamesreach 'Employment Academy' in Camberwell.

Democracy sympathisers

What does yet another war mean for 'democracy'?

Is there any other kind?

Regeneration comes to theatre as 49 Tanner Street hosts a reading of 'Skyline'. 

Residents disrupt launch of 'West Grove'

Residents disrupt LendLease's launch event of new homes in 'West Grove'.

Greens urge Southwark to say no to TTIP

Motion about TTIP is to be discussed at tonight's Council Assembly meeting and Southwark Greens are urging residents to contact their councillors asking they back the motion and vote against TTIP.

Calls to re-instate Cooltan Arts boss

Supporters and participants of Cooltan Arts are calling for Michelle Baharier to be re-instated.

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