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Golden age problems

Auto Italia South East's latest project looks at wellbeing in the entertainment complex.

Challenging council tax in court

A single mother from Hackney is to challenge the cuts to her council tax benefits in Supreme Court tomorrow, Thursday 19th June 2014.

Colouring in Aylesbury

Notting Hill Housing are running another series of exhibitions and events about the Aylesbury regeneration later this week.

Bad egg

London Food Link and Compassion in World Farming have launched a campaign to end cage cruelty and are encouraging Londoners  to ask their local authorities to commit to it.

Southwark for justice

Yesterday, Blackfriars Advice Centre and Cambridge House Law Centre protested against the cuts to legal aid.

I'm for justice, are you?

Tomorrow, Justice Alliance are inviting you to join them in the Magna Carta Day protest against cuts to legal aid.

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