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Camberwell Green promises

What the candidates for Camberwell Green ward want us to know.

Eviction figures revealed

A week or so ago, Ministry of Justice (MOJ) published detailed information on eviction proceedings for the whole of England and Wales between 2003 and 2014.

Concrete heart land in Peckham and Aylesbury

'Concrete Heart Land', film about the social cleansing on the Heygate, is to be shown in Peckham and at Pembroke House over the next few weeks.

Kill the JSA sanctions

Yesterday, we joined the South London Revolutionary Communist Group (SLRCG) in protest against the JSA Sanctions.

How do you lose 600 homes?

To lose one home is bad. To lose 600 is just unbelievable.

The new state of Peckham

On Wednesday 14th May 2014, Peckham Liberal Club hosted an exhibition and debate under the title 'New State'.

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