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The Draper House investigation

Findings report of the independent investigation into Draper House works has now been published.

The magic of new parks

Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has found that the 'biggest new park in Central London in 70 years' is not in breach of advertising standards.

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  • Guest - Jonno

    A truly magical park in Southwark, Russia dock woodlands is being torn up for redevelopment. I don't see any advertising or trumpeting about that. Southwark has plenty of misleading ads. Look on the website, Keeping our promises it says next to crisis support and rightfully yours, both are closed....
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Does Harriet listen?

This is not what democracy looks like.

Spikes be gone

We have just heard that the spiteful spikes outside 171 Abbey Street have now been removed.

Aylesbury and beyond

Council finally agreed to release the figures for the numbers of Aylesbury residents who have been decanted from their homes to date.

Aylesbury AAP: NHHT Adaptation

Notting Hill Housing Trust's (NHHT) presentation of the proposed master plan - possibly

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