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New Putney Debates 2014

Starting from today, until 16th November, New Putney Debates will see a series of events and discussions around democracy, global crisis and possible solutions.

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Never trust a politician again

Yesterday, Southwark Group of Tenants Organisations (SGTO) hosted a packed meeting about the future of the Aylesbury.

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Recent comments

  • It was a good turnout for the event but most of what needed to be said wasn't brought up for discussion. Perhaps another time. Well done to all for their hard work & efforts. Decisions have been made without the input of most residents already but don't give up. Your home is worth fighting for....
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Six alternative pledges

In response to Cllr Peter John's open letter about the 'ambitious' housing building plans and the 'community conversations', Cris Claridge, Chair of Southwark Group of Tenants Organisations, put forward six alternative pledges.

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Connecting the neighbourhood

On Saturday 1st November, from 13:00 - 17:00, Elephant and Walworth Neighbourhood Forum will host a 'Connecting the Neighbourhood' workshop.

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Three Southwark councillors get 'People's Compulsory Purchase Orders'

On Thursday 16th October, two housing protests took place in Southwark Council's HQ in Tooley Street.

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Recent comments

  • Guest - Charlie Rainbow

    All for constructive civil society pressure pushing for more genuinely affordable housing in Southwark, but get your facts right.The Council's 11,000 council homes are on secure tenancies,at council rent (the lowest anywhere in London),in addition to 1000s of RSL homes at target & 'affordable' r...
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Southwark's shame

This morning, the very first MIPIM UK kicked off at Olympia, and was unwelcomed by over 300 housing and other activists, opposing the scandalous sellout of our homes and cities to global property speculators.

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Vague anti-capitalism

Unite the Union have received two more responses to their letter asking London councils not to attend the MIPIM UK.

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Financial Crisis: The War Game

As George and Carney get ready for the battle to save a pretend economy from another melt down there is one certainty: the Duo's economic plan has failed and they are admitting to it.

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