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Southwark's council homes

A little while back, the council published the figures for council tenants/leaseholders ratio in council owned homes.

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  • Just to say, Elmington Estate is currently in Phase 3 of redevelopment with demolitions on Lomond Grove and Elmington Rd. And thats 144 units. The rest of the estate of LCC blocks and later maisonette blocks are staying (for now!)
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Southwark by gaslight

Every now and again, whether in press or a formal document, we come across a phrase that makes us want to throw things at the speaker(s). Sometimes the phrase will be deliberately othering, as in 'benefit tourists' or 'health tourists'; sometimes it's just meaningless spin, eg 'fairer for all'.

Who wants TMOs?

Are Tenants Management Organisations simply another way to privatise council housing?

Concerns over Redcar Street proposals

Some 30 local residents gathered yesterday to discuss the proposals for the redevelopment of land and homes around Wyndham Road and Redcar Street.

The gift that keeps on giving

Council responds to the tenants questions about the Heygate estate.

St James' Estate evictions threat

Notting Hill Housing Trust is threatening to evict some 18 families from St James' Estate in Bermondsey.

I'm not an animal. Are you?

In which people=bad, politicians=priceless.

Welcome to Elephant sales

Walk with Lendlease around their, 'regenerated', destination which is Elephant Park.

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