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Imagining...all of Southwark

Following on from our previous mapping exercises, in residential property and car parking, we now look at all of the properties in Southwark.

Just over a week ago, we managed to finally get the full inventory of all properties in Southwark from the council. Laura Wannop, of Southwark Council, deserves a special mention, as she has been incredibly helpful obtaining the information and the subsequent follow-up explanations.

We are currently working through 150,000+ records and it's taking longer than we thought as we want to make sure the findings are accurate before we publish them.

The license agreement we had to sign with the council does not allow us to publish the raw data they provided us with. We are, however, allowed to the next best thing, which will, in the end, look a bit like this:


Street nameShop/showroomFlatTerraced

Albany Road




Walworth Road




Tooley Street





Accuracy of the data was our instant concern, as we noticed that there appeared to be a number of dated entries (eg 2 GP surgeries on Wyndham Road, a bingo hall on Camberwell Road etc). It is impossible to assess the level of inaccuracies as, on our own, we cannot map out every single road in Southwark. We are hoping that, once we publish the findings by postcode and by street, you may be able to help record your own street, primarily that which can be easily recorded (eg shops, churches, bookies, takeaways etc). If you have any suggestions how to best go about this, please let us know.

The way in which the council groups the data is different from the Town & Country Act class uses. The data we have been given is grouped using the National Land Property Gazetteer classification. We have compiled the detailed list of categories relevant for Southwark, with additional descriptions and explanations where necessary. The extensive list we compiled is slightly more detailed than the council's data, as we thought the level of detail was highly relevant. You can download the list below.

So keep your eyes peeled and if you are likely to spare a little time and map out your own street or a couple of them over the next month or so, please let us know.

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