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A train crash waiting to happen

A journalist's story.

I now have 12 months left to turn my career around or our lives will be permanently ruined by the DLA reassessments.


I am a journalist and work frantically to change my income stream. My accountant resigned last year saying I wasn't making progress. Every time I get a new client another one goes tits up, I'm always running across a collapsing bridge.


My wife and I knew the system in the good old days. Before we knew each other, we were both on DLA 'for life'. DLA was an enabling benefit. We cannot see how we'll qualify for the PIP simply because we have mental health issues. We are set to lose £10,000 a year. I want to replace that in earned income but in doing so, we would lose the Housing Benefit and another £5,000 a year.


This has deeply politicised me. I resigned loudly from Liberal Democrats. If I saw an injured Tory lying in the street, would I help them? I really don't know any more.


This story is mild for some, but for me, my career will end and it looks like I would have to make myself so ill and have a severe psychotic breakdown before I am considered disabled 'enough' to have enough income to pay the rent and horrible scrounging things like feeding our cat.

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