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The makeover experience

LendLease's big sale day gets a community makeover.

On Saturday 13th June, LendLease opened the doors of their Elephant Park 'experience suite' to sell the luxury flats on the site of the 'redeveloped' Heygate. Words and pictures by Aysen and @cockneyrebelx.


A group of protesters visited LendLease's showroom and provided them with a free makeover and rebranding, to honour the memory of thousands of council homes demolished and thousands of people displaced to make room for the luxury apartments for the 'better kind of people'.

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The protesters scattered the rubble and confetti with slogans inside and outside the showroom, blocking the entrance with a massive banner.

Local residents, who, according to Southwark Council and Southwark councillors are 'benefiting from the regeneration', weren't exactly queueing to buy the luxury properties.

This development is seen as one of the most controversial developments in London's modern history that will continue to haunt Southwark Council, the Labour Party and its 'bed partner' LendLease.

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Fantastic video of the action



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