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Shut down Yarls Wood and all detention centres

Protest demanding the closure of all detention centres in the UK took place in central London on Monday. Nile reports.

On Monday 15th June, some 100 people gathered in Parliament Square, to demand immediate closure of Yarls Wood as well as all other detention centres in the country.

The protest was called by All African Women's Group, who spoke of the horrific experiences and conditions in the centres. Natalie Bennet, Diane Abbott, John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn also spoke to the protesters.

Detention centres shouldn't exist: these people need our help, as they're running away from violence, torture, rape (mostly caused by the West, either directly or indirectly), but instead of helping them, as soon as they step into the country we put them in jail, even thought the only crime they've committed is to be born in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Our current irony is that this government, instead of wanting to shut down such places, would love to extend them to include all the unemployed, the disabled, the elderly, and the poor in general.

Half way through the protest, the Parliament Square wardens decided the grass in the square had had enough and ordered the protesters onto the pavement. Two police joined in and moved the protesters away.

The protesters stayed on in Parliament Square till around 2pm, shouting, 'Yarl's Wood - shut it down!', 'Detention Centres - shut them down!' and, 'Asylum seekers - here to stay, here to fight!' and then marched along Whitehall to Downing Street, where they hoped to deliver a number of reports and testimonies to Downing Street but were not allowed to.

You can see photos from the day here and watch a short RT report here.


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