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Stop destroying council homes

Southwark Defend Council Housing are to lobby Southwark Council tomorrow, Wednesday 8th July, at Tooley St from 18:00.

Southwark Defend Council Housing (SDCH) are inviting people to join them and lobby the council, demanding the council stopped demolishing council housing, as well as that Aylesbury Estate is refurbished.

The council is demolishing council homes at an astonishing rate and it has designated a large part of the borough as an “estate renewal zone”.
This will make it easier to demolish many more estates as part of Boris Johnson’s plan for gentrifying London.
The Council is promising to build 11,000 new council homes over 30 years – but its plans assume the new homes will be built on existing estates which will be “redeveloped”. However the “redevelopment” of the Aylesbury estate will involve a huge loss of socially rented homes and those new socially rented homes will all be housing association homes.
There will be no new council homes on the new, gentrified Aylesbury. More than 1,000 have signed the SDCH petition against this programme of social cleansing, and Aylesbury tenants and leaseholders are demanding that the Council refurbishes their council homes instead of demolishing them.

In 2001, 76% of residents took part in a ballot and 73% of them voted against transfer to a housing association. Yet the Council has ignored their vote and is going ahead with its plans.
The Council should organise another ballot if it doesn't want to accept the result of the first one. The “regeneration” of the Aylesbury has cost £46.8 million so far – that money could have been spent on refurbishment instead of kicking people out of their homes.

The lobby is to take place on Wednesday 8th July, from 18:00 outside the council HQ on Tooley Street. SDCH have been granted a deputation, so will argue the case against the demolition in the council meeting too.

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