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A decade of problems with Peckham Pulse

Residents' deputation at the Peckham Community Council earlier this week raised more questions about the ongoing problems with Peckham Pulse.

Chris Haydon, Peckham resident, was granted deputation at the Peckham Community Council meeting which took place on Monday 6th July 2015.

He spoke about some 10 years of problems with Peckham Pulse and the 'third-rate service' they have been providing. Originally, the residents' User Group attempted to work with the management and the council to try and resolve some of the issues. Local councillors too were more than aware of the problems: in 2005, Cllr Simmons stated that after "three meetings with Fusion, I've not been satisfied with the responses and lack of improvement"; in 2008, Cllr Barrie Hargrove quotes a "growing postbag of complaints" about the management of the Pulse; in 2012, Cllr Bukola said he too was "a long sufferer of the declining condition of Peckham Pulse". 

At some point in 2013, the council's Deborah Collins decided the future meetings with the Fusion should not include the residents and that instead the communications should be between the council officers and Fusion staff only.

His deputation, which you can watch here, was warmly received by the residents. Cllr Barrie Hargrove, on the other hand, was quick to add he could not remember saying anything about the 'bag of complaints'.

What can be done? Here's what Chris Haydon suggests.

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