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Kill the housing bill

Londoners protested outside the Parliament yesterday, as the government was to vote on the Housing and Planning Bill. Philip Robinson reports.

Architects 4 Social Housing and Defend Council Housing called the protest outside the Parliament yesterday, to show the government that the latest set of atrocities, posing as 'Housing and Planning Bill', is just not on.

The day started with housing activists issuing eviction notices to two conservative 'think tanks', Policy Exchange and Localis.

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Later in the day, some 200 people gathered outside the Parliament, with banners and placards, angry with the disastrous policy which will end all social obligation to poorest and most vulnerable groups, in an all-out war to give away public land and public services to private individuals and corporations.

There was some tension outside the gates to Downing Street.

At 5pm, some 100 protesters went inside the Parliament, for a meeting about the bill. Caroline Lucas, John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn are, from what we gather, the only MPs who attended the meeting and spoke with the activists.

Two more housing actions are planned for January: Southwark Defend Council Housing lobby on 26th January and March against the Housing Bill on 30th January.

photos © Philip Robinson 2016

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