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Faraday ward by-election in January 2016

Faraday Ward by-election is to take place on 21st January 2016, following a scandalous 'resignation' of Cllr Dan Garfield, found guilty of beating his wife.

People who live in Faraday Ward in SE17 will get another chance to vote for their councillor and will, we hope, get to choose someone not from the Labour Party (who have, in the last four five years, proved they really, no, really really, don't give a damn about any of us. More than once too).

The full list of candidates is as follows:

Alhaji Kanumansa (All People's Party)

David Furze (Conservative)

Dean Porter (Independent)

Lauren Pemberton-Nelson (Lib Dems)

Nick Hooper (Green)

Samantha Jury Dada (Labour) and

Toby Prescott (UKIP).

Here's what two of the candidates, Dean Porter and Nick Hooper are pledging:

Dean Porter (Independent)


There are still thousands of us living on the Aylesbury, and many of us don’t want to move. We don’t want to be forced out of the area. Those of us who are council tenants don’t want to be pressured into accepting less secure and more expensive tenancies from a housing association.

Southwark Council have stated their intention to DEMOLISH EVERY SINGLE BLOCK. Even the blocks that are currently having major works done are due to be pulled down.

The new flats being built on the land will be for private ownership and for Notting Hill Housing Trust tenants. There will be ZERO COUNCIL FLATS.

Members of the Labour Party used to boast that this policy meant the housing association flats would remain “social housing”, as the Right to Buy wouldn’t apply to them. However the Conservative Government’s Housing Bill (going through Parliament right now) changes all that, and introduces other new policies that will badly affect people living in social housing.

Most of us are council tenants, and have the legal right to remain council tenants. People in “Phase 2″ (Wendover and the smaller blocks behind) are being told that they’re now in “Band 1″, being given priority on Homesearch etc, but have already found out what that means: there aren’t enough council flats to go round. Knocking down another few thousand seems like a crazy idea when need is greater than ever.

We don’t pretend that Dean would have much power to stop this if he were elected. All this would give us is one lone independent voice within Southwark Council, not linked to any of the political parties, able to speak up on behalf of normal residents from one of the largest estates in the borough. As a councillor, he may be able to access information, and ask inconvenient questions. If we really want to stop this scheme from going ahead as planned, more of us need to get involved, get informed and get organised!

We estimate that it would take around a thousand votes for Dean to be elected in Faraday ward. There are far more registered electors than that living on the Aylesbury. Even if you’d normally vote for another party, we’re asking you to support Dean this one time, and show the council what you think of their plans.

Every single VOTE FOR DEAN sends a powerful message to Southwark Council, and the parties who have run it for so long.

A vote for Dean is a protest about the way we’re being treated.

A vote for better management of our estate, here and now. A vote for a serious look at the true costs of refurbishment and other alternatives to total demolition. A vote for another ballot of residents.

*   *  *

Nick Hooper (Green Party)


Nick Hooper has worked in the software industry for over 20 years, and is a Green campaigner at borough and regional levels, as a member of the Green Party campaign team in Southwark and Lambeth for the London Mayoral and GLA elections.

Most recently, Hooper has campaigned in Paris during the UN Climate Change talks and is currently focussed on housing and regeneration in central London.

He has lived on the Elizabeth Estate in Faraday ward for three years, having lived in various parts of London for over a decade previously.

Commenting on his selection, Nick Hooper said:

“The Green Party in Southwark have a strong track record working with residents, businesses and campaign groups across the borough to make Southwark and London greener and more socially just. I am very proud to be selected to run as the Green Party candidate in my home ward and keen to engage with residents and business owners on the huge issues we currently face.

“The redevelopment of the Aylesbury Estate, which makes up more than half the ward, is causing uncertainty for residents. At the same time, the Housing Bill currently passing through Parliament is likely to exacerbate the shortage of decent affordable homes in the borough. Central government funding cuts are already biting into council services like housing and youth clubs, with Labour councillors announcing that more cuts will be made in the next few years. In this area, residents suffer constant problems with the council's repair service and unreliable rubbish collections. The Green Party offers a different approach for our homes and streets.”

Hooper added: “I will be pressing the council for a sustainable, resident-led approach to all new development projects in Southwark, with maximum provision for social housing, proper consideration for existing residents and businesses, and safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

“With tumultuous changes under way in our borough, Southwark Green Party believes there has never been a more critical time to elect a Green Voice to Southwark Council to:

  • Place local communities rather than developers at the heart of housing and planning policies
  • Campaign for those most at risk from cuts to public services
  • Take more active steps to monitor and control air pollution
  • Make Southwark's roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Safeguard and improve green spaces
  • Promote and encourage small and independent businesses that contribute so much to the character of our borough.”

*   *   *

We will publish information about the other candidates if and when we receive it.

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