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Where do Faraday Ward by-election candidates stand on housing?

In the runner-up to the ward by-election on 21st January, Southwark Defend Council Housing have sent a question to the candidates to find out what their views were on council housing and specifically the 'regeneration' of the Aylesbury Estate.

Southwark Defend Council Housing have sent the candidates standing in the Faraday Ward by-election the following message:

"As a candidate in the up-coming council by-election in Faraday ward, I am writing to you on behalf of Southwark Defend Council Housing (SDCH) to ask you to set out your position on the council’s current plans to demolish the Aylesbury Estate. SDCH is a non-party campaigning organisation which has been very active in the campaign to preserve the quantity and quality of council housing in Southwark in general and on the Aylesbury Estate in particular. I am sure you will agree that this is a key issue for the electors of Faraday ward and that they are entitled to receive a clear statement of the position you will take on this issue if you are elected to the council. Please will you provide us with a statement of your position in no more than 100 words which we will be able to circulate, with those received from other candidates, to residents on the estate and to our many local contacts through social media."

To date, they have only received three responses:

Dean Porter, Independent

In answer to your question regarding the Aylesbury estate, my position is that as a council resident on the estate that I think the estate should not be torn down, it should be renovated to make improvements on estate in forms of repairs that are effective, I don't think it should be torn down and gentrified for those that have rather than those that have not. I think those that have leaseholds should be getting better treatment than they currently are, I've hear plenty of both council residents and leaseholders whom have expressed to me they have built a life on the estate and wish to remain here, but should they be made to leave then they should receive an offer isn't insulting or detrimental to them. As for council residents if it does come to the point they should have to leave their current flat, they should receive like for like tenancy with the council and not with a housing association or private landlord. They should be put into a council flat that they are happy with. Any vote against the plans that are detrimental towards both the leaseholders and council tenants is a vote I will be active in in support of the tenants and leaseholders.

* * *

Samantha Jury-Dada, Labour

My position on the Aylesbury is as follows:

'While the Tory Government is doing everything they can to destroy council housing, locally Southwark Council is building 11,000 new council homes – more than any other borough.
Like many local residents, I am concerned about having enough high quality homes at social rents in Southwark. That’s why I am supportive of the council’s plans to redevelop the Aylesbury, which will deliver 1,250 new high quality affordable homes, with all the rented homes being protected at social rents for 250 years, this is higher than any other scheme in London of this scale. It is essential that Aylesbury residents get priority for the new homes, and if elected I will work hard to ensure that local people benefit from the regeneration.'

* * *

Nick Hooper, Green Party
Improving conditions for residents on the Aylesbury Estate should have been managed on a block-by-block basis. Instead, it has been approached as one large, industrial-scale project which has favoured profitability for developers over the needs and wishes of residents. This has led to major disruption and uncertainty in the lives of many thousands of people. I will oppose the current plan. If that is unsuccessful, I will fight to obtain the best possible outcomes for people who will be moved from the estate. I will press Southwark Council to ensure that all future regeneration is resident-led and that the number of socially rented homes in the borough is maintained or increased.

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