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Green Party social at Inspire

Southwark Green Party are hosting a social this Saturday 16th January, from 19:30 at the Inspire, St Peter's Church, Liverpool Grove SE17.

Southwark Green Party are hosting a social on Saturday, and have invited Sian Berry and Rashid Nix to join Nick Hooper, local candidate in the forthcoming Faraday Ward by-election, for an informal discussion about housing, transport, equality and business.


Sian Berry is a councillor in Islington and a researcher into sustainable transport. She recently launched her #FairFares campaign for London. This fully costed plan includes a ‘one hour’ ticket that means South Londoners dependent on buses will only have to pay for one ticket even if they change buses within the same journey.  Other Green Party pledges for London include investing in new jobs to deliver a decent wage for all and tackling the housing crisis by giving Londoners more say in their own communities.  Sian responded to David Cameron’s recent comments about ‘sink estates’ by saying, “In the great majority of cases, demolition is not the right thing to do. Unless an estate is beyond repair, it’s much better to work with the community to improve housing stock than to demolish it completely.”

The event is free and you can get your ticket here.

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