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Elephant Amenity Network January 2016 meeting

Elephant Amenity Network will hold their next meeting on Tuesday 19th January, from 19:00 at Crossways Church on New Kent Road.

The January 2016 meeting will focus primarily on the Housing and Planning Act as well as the New Southwark Plan.

The Housing Act is a wholesale attack on social housing and local control of housing development.  If it is passed by Parliament it will

  • Force local authorities to build unaffordable ‘Starter Homes’ for first-time buyers instead of affordable homes for rent.  Shelter has said ‘Starter Homes’ will be unaffordable for people on average incomes in over half the country.
  • Reducing the number of social rented homes by extending Right to Buy to Housing Associations tenants,.
  • Force Councils to sell ‘high value’ council houses.  The proceeds will go direct to central government.
  • End secure lifetime council tenancies and replaced them by two to five year tenancies.
  • Raise council rents.  In London council households with a joint income over £40,000 will have to pay higher rents, up to the market price.
  • Give developers automatic planning permissions on important sites, without the usual scrutiny of the planning process
  • Take the power to approve planning applications from local authorities.

David Cameron has also made his opinions of council tenants and his intention to demolish council estates clear –;

Members of other local community groups have been invited to the meeting, to start working on a collective response to this great threat to our homes and community.

They hope to also explore how the Housing Bill will affect the Southwark Council’s long term plans for the borough in the New Southwark Plan.

You can read more on the  Act here -



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