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Shuffling back to Brixton roots

Campaign to reinstate Michelle Baharier, CoolTan Arts CEO, are inviting people to walk with them on 30th April 2016, from Walworth back to Brixton, where Cooltan Arts was born 25 years ago.

Campaign to Save CoolTan Arts and reinstate Michelle Baharier, its still-suspended CEO, have organised a walk on 30th April, to celebrate 25 years of CoolTan Arts legacy.

Anyone who's ever exhibited at a CoolTan exhibition, partied at the squats, or was part of the legacy of the DIY squatting culture is warmly invited to join the walk of celebration and freedom.

Michelle has been suspended since October 2015 and the board are yet to give an account of their actions. Mr. Taylor, the acting CEO, told Third Sector magazine that Michelle had been suspended indefinitely pending an investigation. Campaigners at ‘Save CoolTan' are dismayed at the thinly veiled abuse of power instigated by a board which has departed from the long-established ethical equilibrium which originally underwrote and sustained CoolTan Arts. The ACAS Code of Conduct is unequivocal in its approach to suspension. Suspension is not a punishment. It should be brief, kept under review and be linked to a coherent appeal process. The board failed to do this, perverting due process and maligning Michelle in her present vulnerability, which raises the question of what the board's current stance on vulnerable people actually is.

Walk back to Brixton to enjoy a fun afternoon of warmth and togetherness. The walk will start at 13:00 outside CoolTan Arts building, 224-236 Walworth Road SE17. Bring music, banners, etc.

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