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Londoners unwelcome property professionals

Last night, a small but noisy group of Londoners made sure the 'property professionals' attending the awards ceremony were as unwelcome as possible.

Last night, property professionals swarmed onto Park Lane's Grosvenor House, to celebrate and reward each other's roles in the ongoing devastation of cities and its people.

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A group of Londoners held a noisy protest outside, reminding those going in and passers-by about the actual consequences of their 'work'. People's homes and communities being demolished so few can make some money really isn't anything to be proud of. Women, children, families are being evicted so the rich can gamble and invest in property, and the 'professionals' attending the awards carried on smiling (most of them rushed through into the hotel as quickly as they could).

Interestingly, Savills were not only one of the sponsors of the event, but had also been shortlisted for an award. You can see the full list of nominations here (if you are aware of individual councils/local authorities' relationships with any of the developers listed, do let us know).  

You can see more photos from last night at our Facebook page.

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