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Southwark Woods campaign AGM

Save Southwark Woods campaign is having its AGM tomorrow, Tuesday 10th May 2016.

Save Southwark Woods campaign is having its first AGM from 19:00 on Tuesday 10th May, at the Herne Tavern Garden Room, 2 Forest Hill Road SE22 0RR.

Since the start of the campaign, Southwark Council felled two acres of wood, destroyed graves, without Church permission and against massive public opposition. There have been instances of headstones and memorials missing. 

All graves over 75 years old are at risk and Southwark want to fell ten more acres of beautiful woods to get at them, and up to 60 trees on One Tree Hill. The campaign are proposing to change their name to the Friends of the Camberwell Cemeteries (FOCC), as they are fighting to save not just the woods but the whole 100 acres of graves, woods, playing fields, allotments and meadows – and protect them as essential, valuable, beautiful community assets into the future.

One campaign supporter spotted a notice buried deep in Southwark's website: Southwark Council is only now hastily preparing what they call a 'feasibility study' on 're-use' of graves – the council is now more than five years into their strategy based entirely on 're-use' although they never had any proof it was actually worth doing, meaning the 'strategy' of cutting down acres of inner city woods, destroying graves and wasting millions of pounds is based on...what exactly?!

Families have not been consulted on 're-use' and no-one has been informed about so-called 'feasibility study' – not even Southwark’s own phoney Cemetery Strategy ‘Stakeholder’ Group - you can read the campaign's response on their website here.

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