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I'm not an animal. Are you?

In which people=bad, politicians=priceless.

Over the last few weeks, every single tedious Labour Party careerist has come out of the woodwork to resign and/or grab whatever little media attention they can - while the demonisation of disabled and the poor continues, while bricks are flying through windows of local Turkish restaurant and the Poles are being told to go, payslips of a handful of self-proclaimed rulers are a priority.

A day or so ago, as people held protests outside some MPs' offices, those same MPs demanded Jeremy Corbyn 'called off the dogs' as MPs and their staff were intimidated by the protests. As no actual dogs could be seen in any of the photographic or video footage of those protests, we had to conclude that the intimidated MPs thought the protesters were dogs. Is the 'logic' here that people who do not agree with MPs clearly cannot be human? If people do not agree with Tory MPs, are they still dogs? If people who disagree with an MP are not human, then it makes is OK for the poor, the disabled, the foreigners etc not to be either? How come some groups of people are dogs and/or vermin but never, say, the bankers or property speculators?

Although this most recent frenzy is mildly amusing, the othering and attempts to discredit that which isn't party politics or party politics for the benefit of rampant profit-making of the few, are hardly news.

On the local authority level, there's as little effort to conceal the disdain for the people who are not politicians or 'professional/preferred partners'. While few, if any, are ever called 'dogs', many are consistently othered and humiliated in housing offices; brutally caged in if perceived to stand in the way of property speculations; sometimes, a local politician will try and intimidate a council tenant by sending the police round, claiming the council tenant was seen loitering near the politician's home; or they will get the police to investigate emojis; or a council tenant's garbled tweet (so they get a warning that any further actions deemed to be causing anxiety/distress to people other than the council tenant* would be a prosecutable offence)

So, yeah. We can go and give them bigger sticks and boots to beat and kick us with or we don't.

(* similar to the definition of Anti-Social Behaviour; this same phrase could be, yet never is, applied to many actions taken by the current government, say, in relation to disabled people, people on low incomes, on benefits etc; to many actions by local authorities frantically 'regenerating' everything, everywhere and everyone but themselves etc)

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