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Who wants TMOs?

Are Tenants Management Organisations simply another way to privatise council housing?

Four years ago, we published a report about the issues around Tenants Management Organisations (TMOs) by a Peckham resident.

It would appear that little, if anything, had changed - residents feel they are being bullied into accepting a structure they would have even less control over, that by becoming a TMO, existing democratic processes and accountabilities would be lost for ever etc.

Who are the people championing the TMOs? What is the council's own role in the transfer and post-transfer management and/or involvement?

If you live in a TMO, anywhere in London or elsewhere in the UK, please have a look at the questions below and send us your answers (to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you can as soon as you can?

- Are you a council tenant or a leaseholder?

- Are you part of a TMO? Which one is it? (Is this in Southwark or elsewhere in London?) When did this happen? How did it happen?

- How many households are within your TMO? (How many homes are council and how many private?)

- How does your TMO work? (How many paid staff, how many residents are involved and what are their roles within the TMO? Would you say that now you're a TMO, more residents are involved?)

- How does the TMO function in relation to other existing council structures (eg tenants forums, etc)?

- What would you say the good things are about being in a TMO?

- What are the bad things?

- Were there any immediate benefits to you (eg lower rent/bills?)

- Anything else you can think of?

We will publish all findings as soon as practical.

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