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NCIA November 2012 newsletter

National Coalition for Independent Action have published their latest newsletter which you can download in its entirety below.

In this month's issue:

When push comes to shove, how do we react?

As the pressures of these awful times mount, more and more people and organisations find themselves on the receiving end of policies and practices that are as obviously damaging to vulnerable people, local communities, voluntary groups and professional agencies as the nose on your face. How people react to these pressures reveals a lot about the personal and organisational politics that lie behind these reactions. One observation on this process is that the divide between the professionalised services part of the voluntary sector and the rest is opening up rather than closing together. At our recent national conference, disability activists complained bitterly about the difficulties they had experienced in trying to get the disability professionals to even help them with their campaigning – “we are the people who are actually experiencing the cuts in income and services,” they said, “why are we left to do all this ourselves”.

While a strong message that comes from the material that forms this newsletter is the extent to which the second and third tier agencies in the sector are falling over themselves to make their faces fit with the government – see especially this month’s ‘That Takes the Biscuit’ award. Personally I don’t think that will save their funding or their precious seats at the table and the more they behave like this, the less I care. What would the government have to do to make them get off their backsides and actually join some serious opposition? Maybe we will all have to do it without them, but that’s a disgrace and a crying shame.

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