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NCIA December 2012 newsletter

National Coalition for Independent Action have published their December 2012 newsletter.

This month, NCIA say

2012 bad; 2013 worse...

George Osborne has just delivered his Autumn Statement. Is anybody surprised by the outcome? Despite the government spin machine repeating the mendacity of the slogan ‘we’re all in it together’, independent analysts were quick to point out that the axe will fall on those least able to survive it. Osborne’s claim that disabled people would be exempt is flatly contradicted by evidence showing that half a million disabled people will be hit by these further cuts. Even the Treasury’s own distributional analysis shows how regressive this statement is - everyone loses money, but the bottom 30% will lose doublewhat the top 30% do. Meanwhile, more than half local authorities asked said they were disproportionately cutting voluntary groups, despite Eric Pickles telling them they shouldn’t (you had to be wet behind the ears to believe that one anyway) and everywhere in the public sector massive corporate firms are hoovering up our vital services and, to their shame, hundreds of voluntary agencies are helping them do it.

‘Keep on keeping on’ – that immortal line from Bob Dylan’s Tangled Up in Blue – is an expression we use a lot over here at NCIA and it just about sums up where we are, as the awful 2012 draws to a close. We may be a pinprick in the side of the colluders and brown nosers of the voluntary sector establishment but we will do our best to keep sticking the pin in. Signs of greater opposition are indeed beginning to show so, as 2013 approaches, take a deep breath, remember you’re not on you own and ....... keep on keeping on.

You can download the full newsletter below, and we recommend you do, as it's a must-read.

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