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Southwark Pensioners Centre December 2012 newsletter

Southwark Pensioners' Centre have published their latest newsletter.

In this month's issue, Reg O'Donohue of Southwark Pensioners Action Group writes

Blow for 125,000

Because of the Government‘s spending cutbacks, nearly 125,000 housebound elderly people have lost out on care, including meals-on-wheels, official figures show.

Local Authority cuts have hit the elderly the hardest in the first year of coalition government, with 124,835 fewer care packages being handed out. Spending cuts mean councils now have £l billion less to fund elderly care.

Assistance with cleaning, shopping and cooking has been axed with places in care homes also being restricted. Meanwhile, thousands of vulnerable patients are being discharged from hospital in the middle of the night to free up beds, without any plans for their care when they get home. Some are turned out in the early hours wearing just their pyjamas and sent away without proper provision for their transport.

The beleaguered Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said he was unaware of this scandal, adding ―We didn‘t think there were significant issues‖! Of course, many sons and daughters care wonderfully for their ageing parents and of course the NHS and the care home have a duty of care to their patients, but should it be the sole responsibility of the state to care for their parents?

Why can‘t the families themselves be called if their parents have to be discharged in the middle of the night? Why can‘t they take mum or dad home and care for them for a few days?

Even staying with them in A and E or holding hands during visiting time on the wards would surely be appreciated.

You can download the newsletter below for much more information, diary dates etc.

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