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NCIA February 2013 newsletter

National Coalition for Independent Action have published their latest newsletter.

In this month's issue

Is the barometer swinging at last?

The task of producing this newsletter provides a regular opportunity to read the barometer of what is happening, how people are feeling and what they are doing. Though the stream of mailings, blogs, research papers and news items that lands in my inbox is somewhat random, lately there is a discernable trend. More people are openly acknowledging the threats to their independence – especially when speaking out in dissent is needed - and more people are waking up to the true horror of the Government’s plans and intentions, which creates the obligation to speak out in dissent.

Contrast, for example, the first and now the second annual report from the Barings Independence Panel. This latest report is an impressive summary from ‘insiders’ of an analysis that we have been promulgating for the last 6 years, (though the recommendations are a disappointment). Meanwhile the ‘outsiders’ are busy wopping in judicial reviews, mounting impressive demonstrations, writing exposes, and winning small victories and concessions. None of this will stop the outrage of austerity and the marketisation of public services but, here and there, it can slow it down. ‘Independence’ is, of course, an abstract idea. The real point is not whether you are independent but what you choose to do with it. If ever there is a time for the democratic force of independent thinking and radical action, surely it's now?

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