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Fully unaccounted for, part 15

Southwark Council's monthly spending between May and August 2015.

Fully unaccounted for, part 14

Part 14 of our audit looks at the council's monthly spendings between January and April 2015.


In which Southwark Council don't give a damn about what people who live in the borough think. Again.

Please bear with us

Today saw the final 'consultation event' for the new public square on the future, redeveloped Aylesbury Estate.

Another fake consultation

Yesterday saw the first 'consultation' about a proposal for a new housing development in Camberwell.

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  • we never got a reply from either the council officer or cllr williams about the costs of this particular box ticking waste of money. not sure where the corbett house people are meant to go either, but will ask
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  • Guest - Guest

    I would like to know if you have had any further update on the above? Have the council/housing association made any further contact with the tennants is regards to what is happening? Are they going to assist tennants in finding new home?
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  • Guest - Stephen

    Wow interesting, I live there and the last person to know this, but I can garentee that hyde and the council will both get out there cash pot on this. How crap that they can tell everyone except the people that live there about this... What a bunch of cowards and useless people.
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It's a non-starter

'Starter homes' unaffordable in 95% of London neighbourhoods, claims Darren Johnson AM.

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